You should love your outdoor living space. 

Let us show you how!


Looking for something you'll love? Ready to turn your dream into a reality and invest in your outdoor living space? Does your thought process look like this?

"My neighbor used this contractor and his patio looks great, but I don't have the same budget and his contractor doesn't understand that."

"I have a design in mind, but who is the expert in building just what I am looking for?"

"I started to study contractors online but the list is endless and they all look the same to me."

"I can't get my contractor to understand my vision. Maybe he doesn't want to."

"I had a bad experience in the past and now I'm scared to relive it."

"I am sure they do great work, but are they legit?  Am I liable for any risks?"

If any of this sounds familiar to you, you're in luck. Our 10-step process will answer your questions and allay your fears.



Here's what you can expect with our
10-Step Process

Step 1: Consultation
Our process begins with a FREE consultation -- on your terms. Tired of leaving work early to meet a contractor at your house?  Let's meet at or near your office. Following a brief walk of your lot, we'll come to you for an initial consult.

Step 2: Preliminary Quote
During the consultation, we will understand your vision and help align your goals with your budget. With our large team of affiliate contractors, there is no reason to build your design around any one contractor's sole expertise. 

Step 3: Team Selection
Time to draft that winning lineup. After your vision is complete, we will select the ideal experts for you based on materials and specialty skills required.

Step 4: Final Quote
Now that we have your dream team selected, we will work with them to create the formal plans that will be used in permitting, HOA approval and the build.

Step 5: Permits & Approvals
As your general contractor, we will obtain all county permits and prepare everything you need for your HOA approval process.

Step 6: Planning
We'll order materials and create a schedule of work as outlined in the contract.

Step 7: Breaking Ground
Watch your dream come to life each day as the experts arrive to complete their phase of your project.

Step 8: Inspections
Throughout the build phase, inspections will be scheduled in accordance with state and county law.

Step 9: Cleanup
We'd never leave your project without the proper pampering.  We'll clean up any construction residue and make your living space shine, as well as repair any landscaping that was affected.

Step 10: Client Walkthrough
This is the most important inspection. We will walk through your project with you and discuss any details that may need to be addressed prior signing off. We promise you'll get your outdoor space your way.